İzmir Commodity Exchange Electronic Platform (IZBEP)

İZBEP is a platform where electronic product certificates issued by the licensed warehouses which have a protocol with İTB are traded. Primarily, ELİDAŞ product certificates are traded in İZBEP, which will shortly be followed by the certificates issued by the other licensed warehouses after making protocols with İTB. Opened on March 22nd, 2013, İZBEP was the first and the only electronic platform where agricultural product certificates are traded electronically and nationally and where prices are formed.

Since İZBEP is accessible via internet, the sellers and buyers can log in the system everywhere and give sale and purchase order. In the Exchange, the transactions are realized through the method of matching the orders. The orders are matched according to their priorities in date and price (the priority is given to the order with lowest price in sale orders and highest price in purchase orders. The type of the product certified, the sale price and amount, the purchase price and amount are displayed on the transaction screen.

With the establishment of the Türkiye Specialized Products Exchange (Turiba), the Electronic Product Bill (ELUS) transaction authority of the Commodity Exchanges was transferred to Turiba and our Platform was closed.
İzmir Commodity Exchange continues to serve as the official Tuirba agency.

Please visit https://www.turib.com.tr/, for further information.